The MechSE Innovation Studio makes available to Users several hand and machine tools that can be instrumental for course projects and/or research work.


All equipment in the Innovation Studio is intended for instructional usage only. Usage of hand and machine tools is restricted to the areas where they are available. For example, woodworking tools should remain in the Woodshop LUMEB 055, and 3D printing should be done in the 3D Printing Room LUMEB 0100 only. Users must complete basic training prior to use of some hand or machine tools. Since the tools are to be shared, a tool may be used by a team at a given time for a 2-hour block maximum.

3D printing usage policy 

Basic 3D printers provided are Lulzbot TAZ 6. Students have full access to use them and the only material allowed is PLA+. Only in coordination with a room monitor or Sub-Manager another material like NINJA-Flex could be used.

Some ULTIMAKER 3 printers are available in the RP Lab and parts could be made on those, but operation of them is strictly only done by RP Lab personnel.

Any student can submit a part request (ticket) via the Innovation Studio staff and it will be printed in the Rapid Prototyping Lab MEL 1230 under certain circumstances.

ME Class Projects

    • Each team is allow to use up to 0.5 Kg of PLA+ filaments for free.
    • Each team can always purchase more filament from studio staff either via the team’s budget card or personal via credit card.

Personal Projects

    • Personal projects are allowed only if you provide your own PLA filament or purchase via credit card.

Student Society Projects

  •     Please discuss with studio staff for further details.


Innovation Studio staff provides necessary training to users who need to use any tools or equipment. Training is required for use of any Innovation Studio equipment. Currently, training is provided for operation of the 3D printers, laser cutters, water jet cutters, and other available power/machine tools. Once a user completes the necessary training, that person’s name and his/her training on the associated equipment is documented. Students need to take a picture of their training record. This training document is valid for the duration of one year. Training sessions are organized by Innovation Studio staff (Monitors) or Sub-Managers. The details on approximate time needed and maximum number of people per training sessions are listed below. Users may walk in any time during regular Innovation Studio hours of operation and request to be trained, however, if the staff member is too busy, training needs to be scheduled. Training for each section of the Innovation Studio is provided separately. Completion of training in only one area does not permit the use of equipment in other areas of the Innovation Studio.


Section Maximum Users per Training Session Approximate Time (Minutes)
3D Printer 4 10-20
Laser Cutters
Water Jet Cutters
4 20-40
Woodworking Tools 2 30-45

Training will involve the following:

3D Printers: Exporting the CAD model as a STL file. Importing the model into the 3D printer’s slicing software Cura and modifying the position, scale, number of copies, print quality, and other parameters.

Laser Cutters: Modifying the CAD file. Defining cut lines and engraving areas. Preparing a file (PDF, dwg, dfx or others) to input to the laser cutter software (Epilog Dashboard). Focusing the laser and controlling the start point (jogging the laser head). For successful completion of the training, a user must demonstrate how to make a basic cut on a sheet of laserable materials such as thin acrylic or thin wood.

Water Jet Cutters: Preparing a cutting file (g-code) via the WAZER web application. Preparing the cutter and securing the material. Cleanup.

Woodshop Tools: Proper operation of machine tools and work holding. Proper handling of materials. Wearing correct safety gear. Minding one’s surroundings. Dispose waste materials correctly and cleaning up the work area and tools.

There are signs in the Woodshop and Project Assembly rooms to remind users of proper use of clamps, power/machine tools and to wear safety glasses.


The Innovation Studio allows users to rent tool sets that contain, among others, wrenches, ratchets, pliers, hammers and screwdrivers. Users need to turn in their I-Cards to rent out tools. Each tool kit contains a list of items and it is the responsibility of the user to examine the tool kits before checking them out and ensure that all tools on the list are present in the tool kit. A maximum of one tool kit rental per group is permitted. Tool kits are available in the Workbench and Project Assembly Room (LUMEB 0100) and should remain there. Workbenches should be cleaned up after use. Tools that are rented out are due for return by the end of the same day (i.e., they need to be returned before the Innovation Studio closes on that particular day). I-Cards will only be returned to users after they return the tool kits. The Innovation Studio personnel will inspect the tools for damages or missing items and the workbench for cleanliness.


Any damaged hand or machines tool must be reported immediately to the Monitor working the shift. The Innovation Studio will not charge users for accidental and/or non-malicious damages, as long as they are reported promptly. Damage due to misuse/abuse, as well as unreported damages could result in a verbal warning and loss of Innovation Studio use privilege. The objective is to encourage users to utilize the facilities and to innovate. Penalties usually involve up to a semester long ban from using the Innovation Studio facilities and/or registration hold. However, a user could be entirely banned from using the facilities.