Drill Press

Powermatic Drill Press


The powermatic drill press in the woodshop features a snap-fit chuck and can be used to drill holes in materials like wood and plastic. The drill press features an LED light and a laser pointer and safety key which needs to be inserted in order to operate it. Further, the drill press comes with a fence system that permits easy alignment and clamping of the workpieces. It also has a built in pulley system permitting variable speeds. The speed needs to be adjusted according to the type of bit, size of the hole and the type of material. A reference chart showing the recommended speed settings for some commonly used materials can be found here.

A number of different types of bits like twist bits, spade bits, countersink bits and hole saws are available for use on the drill press. Twist bits are used for drilling smaller sized holes of fixed diameters. Spade bits have a pointed tip and are used to drill holes of larger diameters in the workpieces. Spade bits are used for rough boring and are not recommended for fine woodworking. Countersink bits can be used to countersink the top surface of the workpiece so that fasteners can sit flush with the surface. Hole saws are used to make large holes in thin materials. The saws remove material only along the circumference and does not cut up the core like twist and spade bits. Hole saws have a central twist bit and a ring shaped saw blade surrounding it.

Types of Bits: (From Left to Right) Twist Bit, Spade Bit, Countersink Bit and Hole Saw

Types of bits: (From Left to Right) Twist bit, Spade bit, Countersink bit and Hole saw

The table below shows the different types and sizes of bits that are available in the woodshop.


Detailed specifications of the drill press can be found here.


Tutorial Video

Disclaimer: This is only a tutorial; you are responsible for your own safety.