Miter Saw

Bosch Miter Saw


The miter saw can be used to make straight, angle and bevel cuts on a wooden workpiece. The flat base of the miter saw can be rotated in both directions for up to 60 degree angled cuts. The blade-handle assembly can be rotated in both directions for making bevel cuts with up to 47 degree angles. The saw features a 2-stage ambidextrous trigger switch and comes with a dust collection port that can be attached to a vacuum cleaner. The blade installed on the miter saw can only be used on wood.

Maximum cut dimensions are as follows:

Length (perpendicular to the fence): 12″

Thickness (perpendicular to base/platform): 5.5″

Detailed specifications can be found here.


Tutorial Video

Disclaimer: This is only a tutorial; you are responsible for your own safety.