Power Tools

Several power tools are available for rent from the woodshop. All tools rented out are due for return at the end of the day.


Power Tools: (From Left to Right) Drill, Impact Driver, Angle Drill, Jigsaw


Power Tools: (From Left to Right) Circular Saw, Oscillating Tool. Reciprocating Saw, Rotary Tool

Available tools are:


These can be used for boring holes in workpieces and for fastening or unfastening screws and bolts. Pre-drilling a hole is recommended whenever fasteners are used. Available drills                 include: Bosch Compact (1 unit), Bosch Regular (2 units) and Dewalt (2 units). In addition, a Bosch Angle Drill, which can be useful for drilling in tight spaces, is also available.

Tutorial Video



Impact drivers are used to drive or loosen larger or corroded screws. It combines rotary action with hammering action to hammer the screw while it is being driven. This video shows an excellent slow-motion view of an impactor action. The woodshop has one Bosch impact driver.

Tutorial Video



Rotary tools are small handheld power tools that can be used for a variety of tasks like grinding, sanding, polishing or machining small workpieces. The studio has four dremel 4000 series tools that permit variable speeds and come with a range of accessories or bits; an accessory guide can be found here and recommended speed settings can be found here.

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A jigsaw can be used to make contours on the workpiece, i.e., it can be used to make curved cuts on a workpiece. The studio has one Bosch Jigsaw available for rent.

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A Bosch Circular Saw is available for rent at the woodshop in the studio.


A Bosch Reciprocating Saw is available for rent at the woodshop in the studio.


A Bosch Multi-X Oscillating Tool is available for rent at the woodshop.

Disclaimer: These videos are only tutorials; you are responsible for your own safety.