Scroll Saw

Porter-Cable Scroll Saw


The newest feature in the Innovation Studio woodshop is the Porter-Cable Variable Speed Scroll Saw. The scroll saw can be used to make detailed cuts including splines and other curved shapes in a wooden workpiece. The variable-speed controls can be set from 500-1,500-SPM (Strokes per Minute). Speed, blade tension and work light controls are all grouped on the top-front for safety and ease. The dual-tilt table allows up to 45° cuts in either direction. This saw features a stabilizing arm which reduces vibration and noise, a built-in work area LED, and a dust blower to keep the cutting space clear.

The scroll saw is great for cutting out profiles, decorative features, and can be set up to cut internal features by first removing the blade then re-securing it through a pre-drilled hole. The work surface is 18″ by 36″, intended for small projects. An assortment of 5″ pin and spiral (for greater detail intricacy) blades are in stock, speak with a monitor to find the best blade for your workpiece.

Detailed specifications can be found here.

Stocked Blade Specifications are as follows:

Scroll Saw